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What We DO

We cast both union and non-union commercials, film, tv, print, non broadcast and radio.  We do both on-camera and voice over casting, as well as print projects. We know who is funny, who is pretty, and who can act (we even know talent that are all three!) Our goal always is to find clients the perfect talent for their specific project.

Our sessions look and sound great. We utilize Casting Networks to share sessions with clients, which gives us loads of flexibility in viewing options and a range of ways to give cut down links. We've been doing skype/zoom sessions for clients in other locations since well before it became ubiquitous. We are flexible and always interested in being on the cutting edge of technology.  We have a large database of actors, and we specialize in knowing the local comedic talent.  We handle ALL of the booking process, including an and all SAG AFTRA paperwork that may be required (ST12s, THs) and make sure you have copies for your records. 

We recognize that not every project comes with a glorious budget for days and days of casting and callbacks, we offer many solutions for those clients with tight budgets.  We work on a wide range of projects from student shorts to full length features, so, there is no project too small for us to find a solution for you.  

Most importantly, our clients like us, actors like us, and honestly, we can't imagine doing anything else - we love what we do.

We also offer a Self Tape Service for talent who need help putting themselves on tape for other projects!  Come do your self tape audition in a studio with professional lighting, sound and recording abilities.  Email MELISSA to schedule an appointment.

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Melissa grew up in Scituate MA and fell in love with theater at a young age. After attending Emerson College and graduating with a BA in Theater Education with a Minor in Dance, she fell into casting when hired by Maura Tighe in 2004. 


Melissa learned the foundations of production and casting under Maura's wing.  Melissa and Maura also co-founded and ran a non-profit youth summer theater program for children age 7-18 on the South Shore for almost 10 years. 


In 2009 Christine Wyse returned home to Boston from NYC and purchased the company from Maura.  Over the next several years of working closely with Christine put the polish on Melissa's casting skills and in August 2017 Melissa purchased the company from Christine, and with her and Maura's support and encouragement Melissa has been delighted to continue to serve the clients she formed relationships with over the years, and continues to look forward to forming new ones. 

When not casting Melissa spends her free time watching improv and stand up comedy around Boston - known far and wide for her laugh, reading on the porch, hiking/kayaking, crocheting or playing with her nieces and nephews (there are 7 now!) and instilling in them a love for all things dramatic, theatrical and utterly silly.

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