July 24, 2019

Question from talent: ”One question that keeps arising in my group, BOSTON ACTORS (and to myself personally) is in regards to being sag eligible. If you’re sag eligible, are you still considered to be called in for sag auditions? Does it mean you’re less professional lingering between non-union and a union member. Would production lean towards hiring a union member in good standi...

March 17, 2019

How should an actor should conduct themselves on public social media so that it positively affects their career instead of vice versa. Friending people, commenting in groups, commenting on other's personal page?

Top O' da Mornin' To Yah!

In terms of friending Casting people or other Production types who hire you, I'd say it's always a good idea to only friend them if you actually k...

October 20, 2018

As we are approaching Halloween, this seemed like an appropriate topic.

One of the most common questions i get is about wardrobe and what different things mean when casting asks for specific types of dress. I also often see talent inappropriately dressed for auditions.  The message that sends to the clients watching is either a) i didn’t give you the pertinent information or b) yo...

October 7, 2018

What makes a good head shot? 

EVERY Casting person and agent will have different opinions on headshots.  These are just some of MY takes and personal thoughts on what works best for me and WHY.

Headshots are your professional introduction to casting and agents. You want it to be your best representation of who you are. It should look like you, not your idealized version of you, but...

August 26, 2018

Ah the dreaded self tape.  First off, Slate Casting has a great post on THEIR blog regarding self tapes for on camera projects:


Here are some of my additional thoughts on self submits. 


I often WILL let someone send in a self tape, but if it looks and sounds terrible i can’t include it in my posting.  So ab...

August 21, 2018

Every interning experience is different, it depends what type of company you’re working for, who you’re working under and what you’re everyday tasks and expectations are. Working at Paradice Casting has been such an amazing experience, I’ve done everything from running a camera, working as a receptionist, filing papers and headshots and even reading alongside some of the actors f...

August 14, 2018

Good day my sweetly smiling squirrels,

Today we’re going to talk about cue cards.  Why do i use them, why don’t i let you use your script, and how to make it all work.  

So we’ll begin with some video demonstrations of how different things look on camera.  I quickly wrote this copy this morning, and had Grace make the cue card so the words wouldn't be so in my head, so it...

August 6, 2018

So, we know I don’t post my castings publically, so how do i find talent to come in for my auditions?

I’m old school, and i do not keep a digital copy of all talent’s headshot and resume.  I like to have hard copies i can put my hands on and make piles with.  It’s way easier and faster for me to flip through a pile of a hundred headshots than go flipping through those files digita...

July 30, 2018

There are tons of sites and services out there looking to make money off hopeful and trusting talent.  The ones i know of are Actors Access, Breakdown Services, and Casting Networks, and locally NEActor.com.  Before you sign up and pay for anything, take a good hard look at what you’ll be getting for that money. ESPECIALLY considering how many scam sites are out there. I generall...

July 15, 2018

Single biggest pet peeve?  When people don’t follow directions and don’t listen. Habitual failure at these two things are remembered.

I sent you an email about an audition.  I asked you to respond no matter what.  I email you again because i didn’t hear from you and you tell me you’re not available so you didn’t respond to the first email.  Seriously?  Or you ask me when the job s...

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