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Where DO I find talent from?

So, we know I don’t post my castings publically, so how do i find talent to come in for my auditions?

I’m old school, and i do not keep a digital copy of all talent’s headshot and resume. I like to have hard copies i can put my hands on and make piles with. It’s way easier and faster for me to flip through a pile of a hundred headshots than go flipping through those files digitally. So by and large your headshot and resume is your introduction to me, we’ll address headshots and resume formatting in a later post :)

I do, however, keep a digital database of talent i know well and call often. It’s something that is not accessible to anyone except me, and has all methods of contacting each talent, and i am constantly adding in new talent. The hard copies of these headshots are filed away each with their own file number so i can easily lay my hands on it should i need to. That said, the last time I NEEDED to get my hands on a headshot/resume and it couldn’t wait until that talent emailed it to me was forever ago. It’s always good to give me updated ones when you have them.

I also keep all physical headshots and resumes that people have either mailed or brought to my office. Talent i’ve never met or seen, or just haven’t quite made it into the database yet are all kept broken down by gender and union status in these stacks. I do go through and weed out pictures over the years, so make sure you send updated ones every year or so! I do not, however, maintain any sort of digital database of SUBMISSIONS, so if talent email their headshot and resume to me to submit themselves to me for my files, I have nowhere that i keep that other than a folder in my inbox that i forget about.

I keep digital files of all VOICE OVER demos. MP3 is the best format. VO is the only digital type of file i keep. There is no physical hard version of it anymore, i remember getting cassettes and CDs, but that technology is basically gone, and i have no way to play either anymore.

I go see shows in the general Boston area, i try to get out and see a couple of theater shows a year. I go see improv shows and stand up comedy. After the show I’ll sometimes stick around and leave a business card with talent I think might be good for commercials , but usually i’ll go back to the office and try to find some way to email them. I’ve been known to facebook people, or try their twitter account, or hope to stalk down an email address somewhere. Sometimes i’ll reach out to another actor that i already know from the show and ask for the contact info. While i’m a really excellent stalker, i prefer not to have to use my skills. :) I, or someone from the office goes to the annual Stagesource Auditions. I try to go myself every year, and if i can’t, then i send someone in my place. i keep every headshot and they go straight into my physical headshot stacks.

I use resources like Casting Networks and - i especially use NEActor when looking for new VO talent.

I go to the agents in town. I send them my breakdown, and they send me their ideas for each role. I often try new talent from trusted agents.

Sometimes if i’m looking for something wicked specific i’ll put something up on my social network sites, but only when it’s something out of the ordinary. Like an amazing golf handicap, or athletic ability, or a specific occupation, or a specific height, weight, size etc.

TL;DR - Mail me your headshot. In the snail mail. Like with a stamp.

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