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A letter to the actors, from the intern.

Every interning experience is different, it depends what type of company you’re working for, who you’re working under and what you’re everyday tasks and expectations are. Working at Paradice Casting has been such an amazing experience, I’ve done everything from running a camera, working as a receptionist, filing papers and headshots and even reading alongside some of the actors for their auditions. But, casting days are always the most exciting, because it’s the day when you get to see how it all happens. You get to read the script or storyboard for the ad campaign and then see all the actors come in and prepare for their audition. I mean it’s kind of crazy, some actors will drive 2 or more hours to get to an audition that only takes 5 minutes, and then they get back in their car and get home or back to work. It’s the life that people choose when they decide they want to work in the entertainment industry, and we love it.

This summer I decided to take this internship in order to learn more about the “behind the scenes” of commercials and film in general. My background until now was purely theater based, so this was an amazing experience for me to be able to see what happens in casting calls. The experiences I’ve had here at Paradice Casting have taught me so much more than I could have ever hoped for, I was so incredibly lucky to learn from such an amazing casting director this summer.

But, what did I learn that can help you all? First thing’s first, be nice. Whether it’s to the actor sitting next to you reading over the script, or the one across the room from you listening to music, or the intern/receptionist instructing you to check in for the audition, and yes we saw you roll your eyes. The reason I say be nice is because you never know where the people around you will end up and one of the people in that casting might be able to help you get your next big break. So why spend time spewing negative energy into a room of otherwise happy people when you can be nice, and make small talk with the people around you. Next, always be prepared. Don’t come into the waiting room sit down, check your email and then get up, go change and use the bathroom, do all that stuff before you come in and sit down. Once you come in READ EVERYTHING that’s posted on the wall, those are instructions, asking the intern a question that’s already posted on the wall in front of you just shows that you aren’t paying attention. Finally, this industry can be tough, and everyone from interns to actors plays an integral role in shaping its future. So be nice, be dedicated to your work, be thoughtful, and have fun, because it’s a really amazing industry to be apart of.

Thank you Melissa for giving me this awesome opportunity and to everyone who I have met at auditions this summer, you’ve all been so wonderful to chat with and get to know.

Best of luck,

  • Grace

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